Photography is psychology, because understanding the visual image understanding the realm in which the psyche of the photographer and viewer intersect. Here present Psychological principles about perception, emotion, creativity, personal identity, interpersonal communication, and human relationships help explain how we create visual images, how we share them, and how people react to what they see. Psychology can also help clarify the personality and social factors that shape the vocation and avocation of photography.

Where photography merges with psychology Photographic Psychology is a journey into this realm. The explorations of how people create, share, and react to pictures. There are many books out there about how to create photos. What you'll find here that other books lack are many ideas about how people share and react to images. In recent years, marked a revolution in the history of the visual image and touched almost everyone's life: online photo-sharing and digital photography.

What is "photography?" It's actually a rather tricky technical and philosophical issue, especially in this media-rich age of ours in which many types of visual images proliferate. At the most basic level, photographs may be black and white, color, film, digital. People sometimes rigorously defend their particular work as "real" photography.

Photographic psychology as a speciality within psychology that identifies and analyzes the relationship between psychology and photography. The three principles of Photographic psychology are used to trace the historical interaction between psychology and photography; to identify past and present psychological use of photography in research, assessment and therapy and for proposing new applications for psychological uses of photography as in the case of reading pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words, is a phrase that indicates the complexities and detailed analysis that one can garner from a well taken picture. An expression of joy, sadness, tranquility, apprehension, concern or horror can inform the viewer about the state of mind or emotions of the person photographed. A picture can give information of trends in fashion, decor, architecture or landscape. A picture can be evaluated for historical data and can provide some understanding of time past, which can serve as a linkage of one generation and another.
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A Japanese electronics firm has unveiled a futuristic new digital camera that unveils and photographs "the inner you." It is called a Soul Camera. It will reveal the inner beauty instead of external beauty. That means that people who are gorgeous on the outside may look deformed and ugly as the camera reveals their inner ugliness. On the other hand, people who might be homely on the outside, may appear to have great beauty as their inner beauty is captured by this digital soul camera.

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