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International conference on 'Autism Spectrum Disorders and Development Disabilities in Bangladesh and South Asia'  Click for details.....
Seven-point Dhaka Declaration Adopted  CALL FOR  QUALITY  HEALTH  CARE FOR PERSONS  WITH  AUTISM    Click for details.
Autism conference ends with high hopes
Autism expert Saima Wazed Hossain, also daughter of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, speaks at an international conference on autism held at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in the city yesterday.  Click for details.......
International Psychological Conference on People and the Environment
Keynote Speech by
Dr. Muhammad Raushan Ali. Ph.D. (London)
What is Autism ?
The new Committee of Bangladesh Psychological Association (2011-12), after declaration by the Election Commission (BPA)
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USA Swimming's Sports Medicine Task Force recently conducted research into the topic of energy drinks. For the last few weeks, the task force presented a series of articles designed to educate swimmers, coaches and parents on the findings of its research.
This week we bring you an article on the psychological implications of energys drinks on competitive swimmers. Other articles in this series include Energy Drinks: What You Need to Know, Energy Drinks: A No-No for Young Swimmers and The Direct Health Effects of Stimulant/Energy Drinks.....More...
Sorry, Ritalin's not going to make you smarts

Popping pills won’t boost your brainpower if you have average or above-average intelligence, according to a new paper published by the Association for Psychological Science....More....
Ability to Recognize Faces is Hardwired
Most would agree that recognizing faces is an important social skill. New research suggests the ability is tied to an individuals’ brain perceiving a face in a holistic manner.....More...
Panic Away Fraud – Psychological Health and fitness Truth Or Panic Absent Scam Fiction?
Reality to Panic Absent Fraud? There are a lot of so referred to as panic assault solutions revealed on-line lately that have fallen short on the miraculous promises they’ve got built inside their sales literature...More...
5 Must-Reads About the History of Psychology
PsychCentral.com (blog)
By Margarita Tartakovsky, MS Every month I write several articles for this
blog about the history of psychology. I do this in part because, in order
to know where we're going, we must know where we've been. While researching my posts.....
Men Health Tips Regarding Psychological Fitness
If you are physically fit and strong, then you are psychologically fit for
sure. But in order to acquire psychological fitness, one will definitely
need to do various things on a permanent basis such as exercise, proper
diet chart, and plenty of rest. ...
Analyst: US Virtual Embassy Project Serves
Psychological War on Iran Fars News Agency
"The move was another instance of the enemy's psychological and soft war
against our country and was part of the US policy of 'hostility towards
Iran in any possible form and by any possible means'," Mahmoud Dehqani, a
science board member of the ...
Psychologist falsifies research
Citizens Commission on Human Rights of St. Louis
According to a recent Wikipedia article, “Diederik Alexander Stapel (born
in Oegstgeest, 19 October 1966) is a former professor of social psychology
at Tilburg University and before that at the University of Groningen in the
Netherlands. ...
European Psychological Cycle Repeating
| Ryan Puplava CMT ...
As I mentioned in a quick note on Monday, we have three potential catalyst
events that could shift investor psychology: the ECB meeting (today), the
EU summit ...
Monojagot : Mental Health Magazine in Bangla

A First Monthly Mental Health Magazine in Bangla edited by Dr. A H Mohammad Firoj. This is a very popular magazine in Bangladesh as well as abroad.