Psyche in Greek means soul, and the study of psychology is the study of the soul's particular evolution in time and space. When we talk about golden age psychology, we are talking about a new understanding of psychology for the time to come, and which is being anchored now. Golden age psychology is the study and nurturing of the process of the soul becoming one with God.

"Man, know thyself as God." The process that the initiate went through between both doors is the process that is studied and assisted by the Golden Age Psychology. How do we become the fullness of oneness with God in an effectual, practical way? What are the steps, the opportunities and the pitfalls along the way? How do we shepherd the soul and assist the personality into making correct free will choices that lead to a permanent crystallization in God? This is the journey we are about.

The science of giving decrees and mantras is also vital to the process of spiritual acceleration. This gets you to the point where you are ready to take on your psychology and then helps you to clear up what you find. And so we find that the path of psychology and the path of spirituality.

Islamic psychology translates the term Nafs (self or soul) was used to denote individual personality and the term fitrah for human nature. Nafs encompassed a broad range of faculties including the qalb (heart), the ruh (spirit), the aql (intellect) and irada (will).

In medieval Islamic medicine in particular, the study of "mental illness was a speciality of its own", and was variously known as al-'ilaj al-nafs (approximately "curing/treatment of the ideas/soul/vegetative mind), al-tibb al-ruhani ("the healing of the spirit," or "spiritual health") and tibb al-qalb ("healing of the heart/self," or "mental medicine").

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