Energy Psychology (EP) is the name for a broad range of psychological treatments that utilize the human energy system. Included in this group are treatments such as Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Releasing Technique, Be Set Free Fast, Tapas Acupressure Technique and many other such therapies. Each of these intentionally utilizes one of the human energy systems -such as the meridian system, the chakra system or the aura system - during psychological treatment.

Psychological therapies such as EMDR (Eye-Movement, Desensitization and Re-Processing) and other deep therapies that access subconscious material, may act energetically as well (that is, they may cause energetic releases and healing). However, such therapies do not intentionally utilize one of the body's energetic systems and are not, therefore, called "energy psychology" therapies.

There are also many energetic healing modalities that do not use psychological processes - such as chi gong, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, therapeutic touch and so forth - and these, too, are not called "energy psychology" treatments. The term "Energy Psychology" refers only those therapies that use both psychological interventions and energetic interventions together in a particular treatment format.

Why Use the Energy System for Psychological Healing and Growth?

Traditional psychotherapy has utilized the power of speech to transform emotions. Through talking about one's feelings, experiences and struggles, one is often able to come to a better understanding of oneself, develop new ways of viewing things, and begin to consider new alternatives. However, discussion alone does not have the power to significantly change one's innermost world. Experiential therapies such as Emotionally Focused Psychotherapy, Focusing, EMDR, Ego-state Therapy and other mind-body approaches, (see descriptions of these approaches in the section entitled "Counseling" on this site), do act deeply to help release emotional blocks, foster healing and change emotional patterns. Energy Psychology techniques add one more unique therapeutic dimension. By correcting a disruption in the energy system, these techniques can bring complete balance within a disturbed internal pattern and virtually "re-wire" the inner world.
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