Climate-Change Psychology for Our Development Strategy
Dr. Kazi Saifuddin
Department of Psychology
Jagannath University, Dhaka

The phenomena climate change likely can bring about Bangladesh mainly a massive permanent flooding over the low laying coastal areas even more. Because of the effects of global warming leads to an obvious rise of normal sea level.

However, it is the time to realize the up-coming disaster over Bangladesh and to take proper initiatives for preparing scientific and effective strategy. Most of the initiatives ongoing are mainly based on the physical properties. That could obvious be successful partially but, should introduce other non-physical knowledge to the maximum efforts.

Human perception toward climate change is very much important, making and implementing development strategy to overcome the future challenges. That is environmental perception should be enriched by which the inhabitants can deal with the natural environment effective and friendly. A harmonic interaction should be developed in between randomized form of nature and the randomized form of brain waves of the individuals (Kazi et al., 2007). It means that the individual should understand the normal and polluted particles in the natural or environment. And they must be conscious about the differences effectively. That's why the collective perception of the individual over environmental pollutants should be learned enough. The effective mass-learning process should be taken under practice in which five sensory channels are included (Kazi et al., 2009).

Environmental perception and cognition are important to take any action against environmental degradation. If a massive disaster take place over the Bangladesh for the longer period of time, different types of initiatives must be taken. But it should be remembered that all of the initiatives will come from the proper cognition of human which also will influences the cognitions of other peoples concern. So the strategies of working activities should consider the psychological processes by which the necessary cognitive development can be successful. In this regard, the cognitive behavior therapy as a learning process, or we can say behavior-modification process should be used to make expected action for the environment.

The term 'temporal dynamism' is an important factor when making strategy in accordance to the mechanical time. But there are more concern verities as follows: a) Life of body, b) Life of mind, c) Life of idea, etc. (Kazi et al., 2011a). The 'life of body' means the life span of the human being, including other physiological activities which are responsible well to exchange with the changing environment. The 'life of mind' means the individual perception and judgment which are changing with an special rhythm over mechanical time. And the 'life of idea' meaning the durability and effectiveness of the knowledge and experience which is going to apply. These three factors should be taken under brilliant consideration.

Action mechanism is related to that of the behavioral spectrum of the individual with the environment. This mechanism is however, important for the individual and the group to have a successful interaction with the changing event in need in a disaster environment. In this action mechanism, individual uses different strategies. If the action mechanism is operated by cognitive process and executed by the habitat that could be the higher level effective measures.

It is the time for us to conduct a massive study that how much vulnerability can take place if the sea-level is raised, significantly, by the chain effect of global warming and climate change. Then, on the basis of the findings of the study, we need to prepare a master plan to save the possible victims across the coastal areas of Bangladesh. The master plan of action should be made giving special consideration on the psychophysical processes of the individuals habitually living across the coastal area (Kazi et al., 2011b). Among the many, some important psychophysical factors should be considered. Otherwise the strategic plan could not function at expected level.

Climate change is the change in climate over a time period that ranges from decades to centuries. The term refers to both natural and human-induced changes. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) defines climate change as: "a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural-climate variability observed over comparable time period".
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Muhammad Kamal Uddin, PhD (Japan)
Monday, April 09, 2012

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